Your message matters.

My name is Daniel Wallen. I write actionable content
for ambitious people who want to live a remarkable life.

I have served as a freelance ghostwriter for clients featured in major magazines and popular news & talk shows including:

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Chris DrouinOwner, Winning Tortoise Productions

“Through experience, constant learning, and the need to better himself, Daniel is a fantastic resource to gain wisdom on keeping yourself in gear and reaching new heights.”

Kimberly FuhrmanArchitect

“Daniel has a way of making you believe in your own abilities, a way of making you think beyond your own perspective, and a way of relaying his experience that evokes emotion and self-motivation.

Nenna JoinerOwner, Feelmore Adult Gallery

“Not only are Daniel's articles compelling, but his timeline on Facebook reflects clear communication and demonstrates thought-provoking questions.

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