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Thanks for visiting. My name is Daniel Wallen and I provide several freelance writing services to my clients.

The assignment could be as simple as a bite-sized listicle or as complex as a ghostwritten memoir that tells your life story.

I’ve helped people with projects such as books, blogs, e-books, articles, magazine columns, newsletters, online reports, press releases, social media posts, sales + about pages, autoresponse sequences, and product/service descriptions.


“I recommend working with Daniel, because he’s easy to work with and asks insightful questions so he can understand the Big Picture. He pleasantly surprised me by sending great copy within two days! Talk to him about your project today. You won’t regret it.”

-Joy Porter,

Want to discuss your project? Send a quick message. I’ll provide a free quote and consultation.

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Features, Benefits, and Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a freelance writer?

I have a better question. Why bother publishing content that doesn’t get read or shared? Don’t think too hard, because there isn’t a good answer.

I’ve been a writer for five years. In that time, I’ve figured out what causes people to interact with content online. My work is informed by years of focused study and application.

This is reflected in the reality that my articles have been read by millions of people and shared approximately 500,000 times. Clearly, I know how to write content that resonates with readers.

How will this benefit my business?

Again, let’s reframe that question. How will you sell your product or service without any traffic? Sure, you can grow an online presence by “winging it,” but it’d be better to work with an expert.

Assuming you have a high quality offer and solid sales system to monetize your website, content is king. We will inform readers about your amazing product or service in a friendly tone. No slimy sales tactics required!

Producing content online isn’t all about money. There’s no better way to become known as an authority figure in your industry. With my help, you can become the Guy or Gal of (insert the topic you’re most passionate about here).

When should I expect to see an ROI?

It depends. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, but every individual or business is different, so it’s impossible to say for sure.

Your website might receive thousands or millions of visitors per month. You know your audience. You have a proven sales funnel. You just want to step up your game. In that case, you’d see an ROI within a few weeks.

On the other hand, you might be a brand new blog owner. You didn’t even know WordPress existed until last week. There’s no traffic, readers, or customers whatsoever. In this scenario, you’ll need at least a month to achieve an ROI. I am a freelance ghostwriter (not a miracle worker).

How does your creative process work (exactly)?

First, we’ll discuss your business goals. What is your website meant to accomplish? How would you define “success?” Who are your target demographics? Why do you care about this subject?

Second, we’ll determine how I can help you connect with your clients, customers, or readers on a deeper level. What are their biggest problems? Why are you the best person to solve them? Where do these people spend time on the Internet (and how can we reach them efficiently)?

Third, we’ll combine our talents to create a content production strategy that serves your tribe. We’ll figure out details like: content types (just blogs or social media posts, too?); post frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly?); word count (short listicles or elaborate how-to articles?); and style guidelines.

Note: most clients opt for a monthly subscription. That could be as simple as one blog post per week. Or it could be as complex as a weekly blog, monthly newsletter, and daily social media updates. I’m also happy to manage your WordPress website and Facebook page (or profile) for an additional fee.

Why aren’t rates publicly available on your website?

Because they depend on variables such as the complexity of an assignment and amount of research involved.

What makes you better than other freelance writers?

My content is clear, concise, and credible. I write in a fun + informative tone that educates and entertains readers. Often, they’re so moved by the content they choose to share it.

I prefer long-term collaborations, because this allows me to work from a Big Picture perspective. As a business graduate and master strategist, I create content that has vision and purpose.

I also help clients milk content for everything it’s worth. For example, how can a blog series be transformed into a report or e-book that’s given to readers in exchange for their email addresses? This is huge! If repurposing isn’t a part of your strategy, you’re wasting valuable time and energy.

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